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Each company, regardless of its size and turnover, interfaces daily with events that must necessarily be addressed also from a legal point of view. We can cite for example the set up of a company, the relationship with customers and suppliers, the definition of the business strategy, the due diligence, the contractualisation of any extraordinary transactions, the extrajudicial and judicial credit recovery, as well as the related aspects to web law, such as IT contracts, privacy policy and cookie law, B2C ecommerce, management and protection of personal data.

It is therefore clear that every company needs to have a professional who can offer a strategy at the right time on how to act in the circumstances that arise from time to time.

The creation of an internal legal office for a company naturally involves high costs, which can instead be significantly reduced by entrusting these outsourced activities to an external professional, agreeing on fees and areas of intervention based on the size and real needs of the company.

CP Legal offers this possibility to companies, proposing itself as an external legal office for the companies and giving them the opportunity to agree together on the extent of the collaboration agreement to be established between the parties.

For a first meeting in order to evaluate the possibilities of a collaboration between the professional and the company, the Firm invites You to submit your request directly from the contact form or by sending an email to

Here are some examples of activities that can be part of the collaboration between the Law Firm and the Company:

  • Drafting of the following contracts in English and Italian:

       - general conditions of sale of goods and services
       - online sales conditions, cookies and privacy policy
       - specific contracts for the sale of goods and the supply of services  
       - distribution contracts
       - agency contracts
       - contracts for the purchase of real estate
       - commercial lease contracts 

  • Revision of contracts in English or Italian proposed by counterparties

  • Contractual negotiation with counterparties

  • Legal correspondence with counterparties

  • Out-of-court and judicial litigation management

  • Out-of-court and judicial debt recovery

  • Consulting and drafting documents for the establishment of companies in Italy and abroad

  • Legal advice and legal advice on matters within the Firm’s competence


For a personalized consultation or for a first meeting in order to evaluate the possibilities of a collaboration between the Firm and the Company, you can contact the Firm in the following ways:

- by email:
- by phone: +39 02 83591541
- through the contact form at this link

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